What We Do

Stansberry Asset Management (SAM) manages accounts for a wide variety of clients. Some are experienced investors who enjoy managing one area of their own investments – like options or commodities – but who prefer to have other parts of their portfolio taken care of for them by a money manager who shares the Stansberry Research philosophy. Other clients simply do not have the time or interest to manage their own investments, or struggle each year to get the results they’re looking for, and choose SAM to manage their portfolios for them.

SAM provides these services to all of our clients:

  • An actively managed client account designed to fit your goals and objectives. SAM offers three model portfolios: conservative, standard and aggressive. Clients are welcome to choose the portfolio strategy that best fits their needs.
  • A unique investment approach that puts your interests first. As a registered investment advisor, SAM is a fiduciary, meaning we operate with full transparency and put clients’ interests first. We would describe our investment approach as disciplined and opportunistic, cutting across geographies, industries, and asset classes, with a strong emphasis on capital preservation and risk management.
  • Ongoing service and education. Each SAM client works with a dedicated Client Relationship Manager who will keep you informed about our thinking and can handle your operational needs. In addition, clients have access to continuing education on investing and the markets through research reports, webinars, and live events.