Stansberry Asset Management is a registered investment advisor, and we take our role as steward of our clients’ assets seriously. We aim for full transparency and work to avoid conflicts of interest. One area where that matters for clients is our fee structure. SAM charges flat fees based on assets under management, aligning our incentive with our clients’ best interests. In other words, when your portfolio grows, so does our revenue.

Unlike many broker dealers and insurance salespeople who are not always required to put clients’ interests first, SAM doesn’t sell high-commission packaged products, charge performance fees, or earn commissions on trades. We believe all of these create conflicts of interest, and are not in the best interest of investors. The only additional fees SAM clients may incur are trading fees billed directly by our custodian, and we have an incentive to keep those low to minimize the impact on client accounts.

SAM fees also take into account the amount a client invests and the length of time a client remains with us. Interested investors who would like to review a detailed fee schedule can download it here.